*NEW 2018


Nine members have been selected to represent South Africa in Tokyo at the 3rd World Kyudo Taikai.

The members will also be participating in both the A and B seminars and will take examinations for the below grades.

Jade Fraundorfer 5th Dan
Biljana Vucetic 4th Dan
Sean Cunningham 3rd Dan
Michael Scholtz 3rd Dan
Thea Muller 2nd Dan
Sandy Herman 
Gregg Addams nd Dan
David Rosenstein 1st Dan
Bata Paschier 1st Dan 

We wish you all the best of luck and a safe journey

*NEW 2018

Kyudo SA Events Calendar for 2018 

*note* There will be a few more additional special events that will be added once all dates have been confirmed, please keep checking for any updates or additions special events.

*NEW 2017

We would like to congratulate the below four members on passing their grading's at the 6th Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa this year in (Auckland) New Zealand 

Jade Fraundorfer 4th Dan 

Michael Scholtz 2nd Dan 

Thea Muller 1st Dan 

Sandy Herman 1st Dan


Kyudo Japan Tour 2016

The below members attended the 5th Asia Oceania Kyudo seminar in Nagoya in April. 

Biljana Vucetic
Victoria Mearns
Sean Cunningham
Michael Scholtz
Chris Wallace

We are pleased to announce that four of the five members passed their grading, congratulations to:

Biljana Vucetic (3rd Dan)Sean Cunningham (2nd Dan)

Michael Scholtz (1st Dan)
Chris Wallace (1st Dan)



Kyudo Japan Tour 2015

We are excited to announce that a few of our members will be attending the 4th Asia Oceania Kyudo seminar in Nagoya Japan April 2015. 

This will now be our 4th trip to Japan. We are hoping not only to grade more members but to strengthen ties with the International Kyudo Federation thus hopefully becoming fully Federated members.

Good luck to all those members taking part in the Seminar, Grading and friendly Tournament, make me proud ! 

Kyudo Japan Tour 2014-04-25

On the 10th April 2014 seven members from the South African Kyudo Renmei left for Japan to take part in the Third Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Grading in Nagoya.

The trip was a great success with members from South Africa achieving a 100% pass rate,

The Sensei (Hanshi 8th Dan) teaching at the seminar were very impressed with our quality of Kyudo and we received many great comments in relation to our Tai Hai and shooting technique.

I would like to congratulate the below students on the passing of their Shodan, I am extremely proud of you all!

Sean Cunningham

Mondise Sithole

Victoria Mearns

Bibi Vucetic

Math Robson

Thavenesh Reddy

I would especially like to thank both Travis and Miki for accompanying us on this trip. I trust you enjoyed yourselves. We all appreciate the support and assistance you gave us all on this tour and sincerely hope to have you with us again on the next one. 

As the seminar and grading was only four days we were able to travel and see much of Japan visiting Chiba, Nagoya and sight seeing in Kyoto.

It was a wonderful trip with many amazing memories that I don't think any of us will forget soon. 

I look forward to our next trip in 2016 and hopefully further impressing the Japanese, yet again at our high standard of Kyudo.

Jade Fraundorfer

Chief Instructor

South African Kyudo Renmei


All South African Kyudo Federation



Members from the All South African Kyudo Federation (ASAKYF) attended a South African National Archery Association (SANAA) Council meeting held on the 29th of March. The SANAA Council were to ratify on the ASAKYF becoming members of SANAA.

The SANAA Council voted unanimously to accept the ASAKYF as members. 

The All South African Kyudo Federation are members of the South African

Members from the South African Kyudo Renmei will be attending the 3rd Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa.

We would like to wish all those members the best of luck for the seminar and their grading.